There can't be good living where there is not good drinking.
Benjamin Franklin

Our mission statement

Radeberger Gruppe - Living German beer culture!

This is more than just a promise to the brewery group’s business partners and the fans of its great beers. It is also an obligation that is passionately embraced by the Radeberger Gruppe and its employees, a commitment that guides and shapes their daily work.

The Radeberger Gruppe represents a business model unique to the German beer market. At our 14 breweries, which are managed centrally but operated in accordance with regional attitudes and the requirements of local consumers, the Radeberger Gruppe brews over 80 different brands of beer according to traditional recipes - from national premium brands, national specialties, and regional premium brands to various traditional, regional brands. Original Selters premium mineral water and the refreshment beverage Bionade round out the extensive brand portfolio of the Radeberger Gruppe. No other brewery group in the German beer market offers such a product range.

German beer culture, therefore, requires a clear commitment on the part of the Radeberger Gruppe to provide the best possible products and services. It requires a firm promise to cultivate variety in the German market, to preserve this wherever possible, and to invest in brands and develop these further. It creates an obligation to respect the powerful emotional bond between consumers and brands and to dignify the strong mindset that has so influenced and shaped many of our brands. It’s a passion shared by all 5,500 employees of the Radeberger Gruppe at all 16 locations.

We live German beer culture - every day and in everything we do!