The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer.
Ancient Egyptian wisdom

Quality standards

Only the best ingredients make the best beers. That is why the Radeberger Gruppe and its breweries apply high quality standards from start to finish - beginning with the purchase of the ingredients, such as hops and malt, for the production of the beers. We set great store by high-quality ingredients. These are characterized by their good brewing properties, their lack of preservatives and other additives, and, above all, by their purity.

Our beers are, of course, brewed in accordance with the strict specifications of the German Purity Law of 1516, and we supplement this - the world's oldest foodstuffs regulation - with the latest testing and control procedures. These procedures accompany our beers, which are brewed according to specific brand specifications from four pure ingredients, throughout the entire brewing process and right up to the bottling stage.

Intensive quality assurance and controls are our priority. A tightly woven network of systematic controls guarantees the best possible quality of our beers. Our employees are regularly trained in accordance with the most up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge, and our technical equipment is continuously updated to reflect the latest innovations and findings. This ensures that our beers consistently taste great and that beer lovers will always be impressed with our quality - time and time again.

Above all, our customers’ enthusiasm and trust in our brands prove that our quality standards are successful. Additionally, the high quality of our brands has been officially acknowledged numerous times, for instance by the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - DLG, an organization of the German agriculture and food industry, which carries out the most stringent quality tests in the beer market) and through international distinctions such as the World Beer Award and the International Taste Award.

In the quality test conducted by the DLG, the breweries of the Radeberger Gruppe were able to take home an incredible 444 awards over 39 years of participation. There can, indeed, be no better evidence of quality in action.