There can't be good living where
there is not good drinking.
Benjamin Franklin


It goes without saying that the Radeberger Gruppe and its breweries are committed to a responsible approach to the marketing and sale of their products. As a key player in the German and international beer markets, the brewery group is fully aware of its special responsibility as a producer of alcoholic beverages.

This responsibility is met, among other things, through a clear commitment to the existing legal requirements regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages, for example, the minimum legal drinking ages for alcoholic products.

Moreover, the Radeberger Gruppe is one of the biggest driving forces behind the “Bier bewusst genießen” (Enjoy beer responsibly) campaign by the German beer industry – and is fully committed to promoting the responsible enjoyment of its passionately and diligently brewed beers.

It has no interest in the abuse of its products, whether through excessive consumption, underage drinking, or drinking beer at inappropriate times.

The Radeberger Gruppe therefore supports the sensible enjoyment of beer, observes critical trends and developments in the market, and does everything in its power to confront these resolutely.